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Accord Network Begins Search for New CEO

Chad Hayward has announced his retirement as CEO of Accord Network. Qualified candidates are invited to apply by emailing his or her resume and cover letter to [email protected]. More information about the position and Accord Network can be found here.

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OneAccord 2023 Poster Exhibition - call for submissions Highlighting Excellence in the Promotion of Human Flourishing

Spotlighting Excellence in the Promotion of Human Flourishing at OneAccord 23 "I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” These words of Jesus frame this year’s OneAccord theme around flourishing. Accord is issuing a call for submissions for a Poster Exhibition on Flourishing. We will spotlight, learn from, and discuss programs/projects that address the ...

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Diversity And Inclusion – Introduction Creating Belonging Cultures (Webinar Summary)

Organizations responding to the voices being amplified today are asking, “How do we bring about real cultural shifts that last and make a difference?” Integral Alliance and Accord Network came together to host a discussion on the issue that has risen to the forefront of every organization today: diversity and inclusion. Nikki Lerner, who is a consultant, author and speaker, along...